The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance: Taking stock of the past and envisioning the future

This research project will contribute to a better understanding of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, the oldest diplomatic alliance still in force today. It will mark the 650th anniversary of the Alliance by conducting a comprehensive assessment of its past and present interactions, as well as its future in a context marked by the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

This project involves – for the first time in a long-term project about the Alliance – an interdisciplinary group of Portuguese and British researchers from various fields of law, history, political science, paleography-diplomatic, literature and musicology. It brings together the Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions of the University of Oxford; the JusGov – Centre for Justice and Governance, University of Minho; the CHSC – Centre for the History of Society and Culture, University of Coimbra; the CICP – Research Centre in Political Science, University of Évora/University of Minho; the IEP – Institute for Political Studies, University Católica Portuguesa; and researchers from Cardiff University and Nova University of Lisbon. Collectively, they will analyse the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance from four perspectives – legal, political, historical and cultural – complementing each other in providing a deeper understanding of key moments from the Alliance’s past and present, and in envisioning its future.



Alexandra Maria Rodrigues Araujo

Principal Investigator, University of Minho

Owen Rees

Principal Investigator, University of Oxford

José Sérgio Ribeiro

Co-Principal Investigator, University of Minho

Allan Francis Tatham

University of Minho

Ana Lúcia Curado

University of Minho

Evanthia Balla

University of Évora

Jenny Benham

University of Cardiff

Joana Aguiar e Silva

University of Minho

João Carlos Espada GOM

Hon OBE, University Catolica of Portugal

José Pedro Paiva

University of Coimbra

Liam Gearon FRA

FHEA, University of Oxford

Maria de Assunção Vale Pereira

University of Minho

Maria João Rodrigues de Araujo

University of Oxford

Maria José Azevedo Santos

University of Coimbra

Patrícia Jerónimo

University of Minho

Russell Sandberg

University of Cardiff

Silvério Rocha e Cunha

University of Évora

Teresa Pinto Coelho

University Nova of Lisbon

Thomas Earle GOIH

University of Oxford
Conferences, Seminars and Workshops


Interdisciplinary Conference “650 years of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, 6-9 July 2022, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal. 

You can find more details of this conference and other conferences, webinars and workshops taking place within this research project in the Activites section here.


The National Archives


Within the Portugal-Uk 650 commemorations, the British National Archives are carrying research into their archives to find out which documents they have, that are relevante to the history of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, and to draw together case studies on the Anglo-Portuguese interaction in trade, diplomacy and politics after 1372-3.

The National Archives are the Official Archives and Publisher of the Government of Great Britain, England and Wales.

They have the original documents of the Anglo-Portuguese Treaties of the 14th Century: Treaty of Tagilde 1372, the Treaty of London “Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Alliance” and the Treaty of Windsor.

Responsible: Dr Sean Cunningham, Head of Medieval Records, National Archives.

Image: Dom Fernando, King of Portugal, and Queen Eleanor to  John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, requiring the confirmation of the Treaty of Tagilde, November 1372. 

Duchy copyright material in The National Archives is the property of Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Her Duchy of Lancaster and is reproduced by permission of the Chancellor and Council of the Duchy of Lancaster.

English National Ballet “Dance in Perpetuity”


A collaboration between English National Ballet and Portugal-UK 650 with the support from Braga City Council.

Dance in Perpetuity is one of several exciting cultural projects created to celebrate the 650th anniversary of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance. It aims to encourage inter-cultural dialogue, develop participants’ skills, confidence, creativity and cooperation, and promote friendship and collaboration across cultures. Enjoy a dance work performed by young people in Braga, and take your place in the spotlight in a final moment of celebration as members of the audience are encouraged to join in the festivities – and in the steps!

In 2022 “Dance in Perpetuity” culminated with a performance on  9 July 2022, 5.30pm, City Council of Braga Square, where the 100 dancers from the six schools in Braga came together to perform the complete work Dance in Perpetuity in the communal square. Th choir of The Queen’s College of the University of Oxford, directed by Owen Rees, performed live the world premiere of the beautiful score created for “Dance in Perpetuity” by the composer Charlotte Harding.

The six dance schools that took part in the project in 2022 are:
Academia Braga Dança
Arte Total
Ent´artes – Escola de Dança
Escola de Ballet do Colégio Dom Diogo de Sousa
Backstage Escola de Dança e Artes Performativas
Bracara Team

The six dance schools that are taking part in 2023 are to be announced.

PERFORMANCE In London 2023

n 2023 there will be a performance in London in June, date to be announced.

Young people from six dance schools have been hard at work in rehearsal with an international creative team brought together by English National Ballet. This will culminate in a celebratory performance, in which members of the audience are encouraged to take part! The celebration theme is for everyone to learn something new, come together and have fun, and is inspired by the Treaty of Alliance theme of perpetual peace and friendship.

Please note: you are of course very welcome to attend simply to watch.

We hope you can come and see them dance, and would love for as many audience members as possible to take part in the finale. No previous dance experience needed!

Put on your dancing shoes for the performance finale: everyone is welcome!

English National Ballet hopes to inspire as many people as possible to take part in the Dance in Perpetuity finale. Come together and embrace the art of dance as a chance to learn something new and engage in a celebratory experience.

We have created free resources: films, a music track and a guide for you to learn a few steps and get involved in the finale, whatever your age, dance experience, and ability.

Video 1: An Introduction

Video 2: Celebration Dance (Standing version)

Video 3: Celebration Dance (Seated Version)



There will be a scheduled rehearsal for everyone interested in learning the celebratory finale in the week commencing 4 July 2022, leading up to the performance on 9 July 2022. Sign up to receive details by emailing:



Creative Team:
Choreographer: Ruth Brill
Composer: Charlotte Harding
Costume Designer: András Jacobs
Filmmaker: Pete Snell, Shiny Studio

Project leads from six dance schools in Braga:
Isabel Maia
Carolina Vieira
Diana Sá Carneiro
Joana Raquel Antunes
Rosália Passinhas
Cristiane Barbosa

English National Ballet:
Project Lead and Director of Engagement: Fleur Derbyshire-Fox
Artistic Advisor and Head of Creative Programmes: Laura Harvey

Founded in 1950, English National Ballet (ENB) is a pioneering ballet company that takes world class ballet to the widest possible audience. We are committed to developing the artform whilst celebrating the classics and tour nationally and internationally to prestigious venues worldwide. Our significant and influential contribution to Britain’s cultural sector is demonstrated by strong and diverse audiences, the outstanding talent we attract and retain and regular recognition by key
industry awards – recently winning the 2020 National Dance Award for ‘Best Company Response to the Pandemic’. ENB is recognised as a UK leader for creative learning and community outreach, promoting wider and deeper engagement with the Company and the art form through its three overarching strands: Creative Learning, Developing Talent and Public Engagement. ENB’s Engagement work promotes diversity and inclusivity across all projects and programmes; connects communities from a wide demographic – breaking down barriers to involvement and delivering positive health impacts
physically, socially, and mentally. Placing ENB’s repertory at the heart of Engagement, ENB delivers world-class programmes, develops talent, is at the forefront of ground-breaking research collaborations and forges inspirational partnerships nationally and internationally.

To find out more, visit English National Ballet’s website at

Barbican Box


Barbican Box a flagship  school project of the Barbican Centre in London, will be dedicated to the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance and it will take place both in the United Kingdom and Portugal.

Barbican Box is a portable Box filled with the ingredients for making and creating original artistic work, inspired by our multi-arts programme. There is Barbican Primary Box (primary schools) and a Barbican Secondary Box (secondary schools).

Barbican Box is a six-month process and begins with CPD (continuing professional development) training for teachers, after which the Box is sent into schools for teachers to begin working with their students. Teachers are matched with an artist mentor who delivers in-school workshops at the beginning, middle and end of the creative process. Students come to the Barbican or to their local arts centre to see a production, musical performance or exhibition, and the project culminates with students returning to the arts centre to showcase their original work.

The Barbican Centre is a performing arts centre in the City of London and the largest of its kind in Europe. The centre hosts classical and contemporary music concerts, theatre performances, dance, film screenings and art exhibitions. It also houses a library, three restaurants, and a conservatoryThe London Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Symphony Orchestra are based in the centre’s Concert Hall and is  the London-based venue of the Royal Shakespeare Company.



Sailors of Hope 


The project ‘Sailors of Hope’ is carried out in partnership with the National Health Service of Portugal, and the Navy. The aim is to contribute to the well-being and quality of life of children and young people hospitalized in pediatric wards, by promoting their knowledge and human development. The participants are encouraged to ​​reflect upon the values of the foundational treaty of Alliance and be creative in the representation of scenarios, events and protagonists, related to the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance. Contexts that are full of human capacities, values and symbolism, helping the participants to experience the historical reality that has united both nations and cultures over the centuries.

Coordinator: Ana Principe

Legend: Visit of Maria João R de Araujo to CMIN, University Hospital Centre of Porto. With the team from CMIN and the portraits of King Charles II and Queen Catherine of Braganza made within Portugal-UK 650.

Media Arts


The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, provided by the City of London Corporation in partnership with Braga City of Media Arts, provided by the City Council of Braga are working collaboratively to create a new project in media arts to mark the 650th anniversary of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance.

The Guildhall School of Music and Drama is ranked the number one UK conservatoire in the 2021 Guardian table league. Braga Media Arts is the only Unesco Creative City for the Media Arts in Portugal. You can find more about the GSMD in  and about Braga Media Arts at

Project Coordinators: Sean Gregory, Vice-Principal GSMD; Joana Miranda, Executive Coordinator Braga Media Arts.


Unesco Creative Cities


The City of York and the City of Braga are both members of UNESCO Creative Cities Network. In partnership with York Unesco City of Media Arts and Braga Unesco City of Media Arts we are planning the project “S(ORR)ounds” to be launched in 2023. 

Coordinators: Prof Christopher Bailey and  Joana Miranda

Alliance Music and Opera

The Calouste Gulbenkian Conservatoire embraced Portugal-UK 650 in a global manner, creating an interdisciplinary projet that involves transversally both curricular and artistic subjects across all school years, including orchestra, choir, composition and opera studio.

A new opera based on the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance and the values of the Alliance’s founding Treaty was created by young singers, who are members of opera studio. The aim was to develop their artistic skills and opera singing in particular, to deepen and raise awareness of the history of the Alliance and reflect on the values expressed in the Treaty of Alliance.

A performance of this new opera took place on 21 April 2022 at the Vita Auditorium in Braga.

Other works created within this project were presented to the general public in a mega concert that took place on 24th April 2022 at the Altice Forum in Braga. This concert included the performance of two orchestras and two choirs, as well as the first performance of a new work “Tea” for 5 vocal soloists and electronic music.

Coordinator: Cristina Gonçalves

6.50 Trooping the Colour



Celebrating a friendship needs more, much more, than being willing to party and fraternize. It needs moments and spaces to reflect and relive the values ​​that sustain this friendship, it needs opportunities to practice the relationships we celebrate and intend to perpetuate, and it needs shared action.
In order to commemorate the oldest alliance between peoples and nations and celebrate the 650 years of the Treaty signed between Portugal and the United Kingdom, the Alberto Sampaio Schools Group, from the city of Braga (Portugal), created the project “6.50 Trooping the Colours”.
This project, which involves many hundreds of students, reconciles, by a happy coincidence of dates, the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Alberto Sampaio Secondary School with the 650th anniversary of the Treaty. It combines the idea of ​​creating banners, called “cores / colours”, for the school involving the image of the “tree” (present in the Grouping symbol) as a reason for reflection on our relationship with Nature and as a sign of the values ​​that are also present in the Treaty of Alliance: Peace, Friendship, Sincerity and Affection.
These banners will be displayed together at an event whose aim is to celebrate the values ​​common to the Treaty and the school, and like Trooping the Colour held in the UK (The Queen’s Official Birthday Parade), it is a symbolic way of demonstrating the loyalty of a community to a set of values ​​that need constant work for their perpetuation.
This project involves plastic and artistic expressions, involves the English language and English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish culture, involves environmental issues and involves the construction of relationships and affections. In short: the idea of ​​Community and the value of Friendship.

Coordinator: Jorge Filipe Marques



Portugal-UK 650 has the charitable aim to raise funds for ANDI – New Dialogue Organization, a charity active in Portugal and United Kingdom that promotes social values, human rights and helps childen in need worldwide. In particular, we would like to contribute to the ongoing project in India that helps children in Kandhamal, Odisha.  India has historical connections to both nations. Mumbai was part of the dowry of Queen Catherine of Braganza on their marriage to King Charles II. You can find more about ANDI here.