As part of the commemorations of the 650th anniversary of the Luso-British Alliance, a delegation from Vizela, made up of the Mayor, Victor Hugo Salgado, the President of the Municipal Assembly, Fernando Carvalho, and the President of the Union of Parishes of Tagilde and Vizela S Paio, accompanied by the President of the Portugal-UK 650 initiative, Maria João Rodrigues de Araújo, paid yesterday a visit to the National Archives of the United Kingdom, where they could see the original document of the Treaty of Tagilde, signed in Tagilde on 10 July 1372 .
There, Sean Cunningham Head of Medieval, Early Modern, Legal and Map Records, and Patricia Humphries of the Chief Executive Office promoted a private tour of the original 19th century documents. XIV, which were at the origin of the oldest diplomatic alliance in the world: the Treaty of Tagilde and the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Alliance, declarations dated 1372 and 1373, respectively.
Following this visit, the Municipality of Vizela streamlined the procedures to obtain a copy of the Treaty of Tagilde, and currently has photographs of that Treaty.
The delegation from Vizela also met at the Portuguese Embassy in the United Kingdom with Ambassador Nuno Brito.
The Vizela City Council considers this another initiative to enhance the enormous historical and cultural heritage that the Municipality has in its territory, fundamental for the transmission of Vizela’s memory and identity, thus constituting a resource that must be disseminated, valuing and projecting a common heritage that urgently needs to be transmitted.
The celebrations of the Tagilde Treaty will also contribute to the consolidation of the image and identity of the Municipality of Vizela as a privileged tourist destination, in terms of historical and cultural tourism.
It should be noted that the 10th of July 2022 marks the 650th anniversary of the Luso-British Alliance, based on peace and perpetual friendship between the two countries, which began with the Treaty of Tagilde on the 10th of July 1372 and was consolidated with the signing of the Treaty of London, 16 June 1373.

About Portugal-UK 650
Portugal-UK 650 is the initiative responsible for commemorating the 650th anniversary of the Luso-British Alliance in Portugal and the United Kingdom. It intends to celebrate and make known the common history, write new chapters of friendship, cooperation and commerce, develop scientific research on the Luso-British Alliance, and promote the values ​​of the founding Treaty of the Alliance in the current world – peace, friendship, truth, fidelity. , constancy, solidarity, sincerity and kindness – “…there shall henceforth be a true, faithful, constant, mutual and perpetual peace and friendship, union and alliance and league of sincere affection” (Article I, Treaty of the Covenant, London 16 June 1373) – appealing to everyone’s responsibility and commitment.
In the long term, Portugal-UK 650 hopes to contribute to a safer and more fraternal society, with greater knowledge of its historical-cultural heritage, more international solidarity and a strengthened dialogue, cooperation and friendship between the citizens of both countries.
The program to commemorate the 650th anniversary of the Luso-British Alliance can be consulted at
In addition to the celebration of the most important dates – the 650th anniversary of the Treaty of Tagilde (10 July 2022) and the Treaty of London (16 June 2023) – it encompasses other initiatives, until 2023, in partnership with more than 100 Portuguese and British institutions, in the scope of research, education, culture, commerce, cooperation and social.