In partnership with Vista Alegre, a commemorative plate has been created to mark the 650th anniversary of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance. The design was inspired by the coat of arms of Queen Catherine of Braganza, which is in The Queen’s Chapel, St James’s Palace in London, where the launch event of Portugal-UK 650 took place. The Queen’s Chapel in St James’s Palace was the private chapel of  Queen Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II of Great Britain and daughter of King John IV of Portugal.

The coat of arms in this commemorative plate combines  the arms of the United Kingdom and of Portugal, against a background of red and white roses, and Tudor roses. The Tudor rose is the floral heraldic emblem of England  and is used by Monarchs of the United Kingdom. It takes the name and origin from the House of Tudor  which united the House of Lancaster (whose heraldic emblem is a red rose),  and the House of York (whose heraldic emblem is a white rose), thus putting an end to the dynastic War of the Roses. The Tudor rose consists of five white inner petals, representing the House of York, and five red outer petals to represent the House of Lancaster.

The back of the Commemorative Plate has  a summary of the beginnings of the Anglo- Portuguese Alliance and a quotation from the Treaty of Alliance of 1373.

You can acquire the plate at  Vista Alegre website following this link.



Leitão & Irmão Joalheiros, who were the jewelers of the Royal House of Portugal and the Imperial House of Brazil have created a collection of five beautiful silver commemorative pieces.

Each piece is accompanied by a small booklet about the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance.

We will share the photos and more details in due course.


The Tagilde Monument is a pottery piece identical to the commemorative monument  in stone, which was set up in Tagilde to mark the signature of the Treaty of Tagilde that took place there on 10th July 1372. Designed by the Municipality of Vizela, it comes with a box containing a historical review of the Treaty.  Available in 6 colours. To buy one please contact the Tourism Office of Vizela:




A commemorative CD of Portuguese and British choral music will be released. This CD will include two new musical works, one  to mark the 650th anniversary of the Treaty of Tagilde and another to commemorate the 650th anniversary of the Treaty of the Alliance. The CD will be directed by Prof Owen Rees, Artistic Director of Portugal-UK 650. We share a recording directed by Owen Rees with the Choir of The Queen’s College Oxford, for the Warner Bros film ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’, recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios. The song can be heard at various points in the film, during the closing credits, and on the soundtrack CD of the film. The soundtrack went on to receive a Grammy nomination, and to win the Classic FM Film Music of the Year Award.




We are preparing a facsimile edition of the 14th century Anglo-Portuguese treaties:  Treaty of Tagilde 1372, Treaty of Alliance 1373, Treaty of Windsor 1386 (see section on the Alliance) that will include the palaeographic transcription of the treaties as well as the translation into English and Portuguese of the paaleographic transcription.  This detailed study, which will also include the analysis of the copy of the Treaty of Windsor that is in the Torre do Tombo in Lisbon (in the photo) has never been done, and to date there isn’t a translation of the treaties in both languages. So this special edition is a great advancement which will facilitate the study and comprehension of the treaties that marked the beginnings of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance


Image with permission of ANTT: PT-TT-GAV-18-3-25_m0001


CTT – Correios de Portugal (Postal Mail of Portugal) has issued a Postal card of the Republic with a commemorative stamp to mark  the 650 years of the Treaty of Tagilde.



In partnership with Taylor’s Port, a commemorative Port Wine will be launched to mark the 650th anniversary of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance.