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Portugal-UK 650 had its launch at St James’s Palace in London with a ‘Celebration of Peace and Perpetual Friendship’ on 19 July 2019, marking the centenary of ‘Peace Day’.
On Peace Day 100 years ago, on 19 July 1919, around 15,000 soldiers from all Allied Forces, including the Portuguese Regiment, gathered in London to celebrate the end of World War I and marched on the Victory Parade in front of the British and Portuguese Royal Families. On the saluting dais, erected outsid Buckingham Palace, for the Victory Parade, besides the British Royal Family, only the Portuguese Royal Family, were invited to attend.

Peace Day 19-07-1919. From left: King Manuel II of Portugal and his wife Queen Augusta Vitoria, Prince of Wales, King George V, Queen Mary and Queen Alexandra

The ‘Celebration of Peace and Perpetual Friendship that Portugal-UK 650 organised on 19 July 2019, took place at The Queen’s Chapel, in St James’s Palace, London, under the High Patronage of His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic, with the presence of authorities from both countries.

We chose The Queen’s Chapel at St James’s Palace in London because it was the private chapel of Queen Catherine of Braganza, daughter of King João IV of Portugal. Above the altar is the coat of arms of Queen Catherine de Braganza supported by two angels. Her coat of arms is a combination of her coat of arms as Princess of Portugal and the coat of arms of her husband King Charles II, thus uniting the arms of Portugal and the United Kingdom.

This event provided a rare opportunity to view the ‘Braganza Silver’, a famous set of silver pieces used in the marriage of King Charles II and Queen Catherine of Braganza. This set is part of the Crown Jewels and is kept in the Tower of London. Beautiful pieces of ‘Braganza Silver’, were brought to The Queen’s Chapel, under police escort, specifically for the Portugal-UK 650 event and were put on display on the main altar. We are very grateful to the Royal Household and Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal for organising the display of these pieces.

The Portugal-UK 650 event at the Queen’s Chapel in St James’ Palace, was led by Rev Canon Paul Wright, Sub-Dean of Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal, Deputy Clerk of the Closet, Her Majesty the Queen’s Domestic Chaplain and Sub-Almoner.

Chris Sainty, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Portuguese Republic, read the first reading in Ebglish, at the ‘Celebration of Perpetual Peace and Friendship’. The Minister Plenipotentiary and Consul General of Portugal, Ms Cristina Pucarinho, read in Portuguese, a passage from the Gospel of St John on friendship. At the Portugal-UK 650 event, which took place at St James’s Palace, the music was conducted by Joe McHardy (Director of The Choir of Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal) and Professor Owen Rees (Director of the Choir of The Queen’s College, Oxford University).

The University of Oxford was well represented. In the next photo we can see the following University members :

-Provost of The Queen’s College: Professor Paul Madden. Queen Catherine of Braganza was Patroness of this College founded in 1341.

-Heather Professor of Music: Professor Eric Clark. The Heather Professorship was established in the Faculty of Music in 1624 and is associated with a Fellowship in Wadham College.

-Professor Liam Gearon of the Faculty of Education, Fellow Royal Society of Arts, Portugal-UK 650 Scientific Committee

-Dr Maria João Rodrigues de Araujo from The Queen’s College and the Faculty of Music.

In the photo you can also see:

-His Excellency Ambassador Chris Sainty, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Portugal.

-His Excellency Ambassador Manuel Lobo Antunes, Portuguese Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

-Ms Cristina Pucarinho, Minister Plenipotentiary and Consul General of Portugal.

-Rev. Canon Paul Wright, Sub-Dean of Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal.

-Rev. Stephen Brookes, Her Majesty’s Deputy Priest in Ordinary and Chaplain of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.


Sung mass at the Cathedral of Porto, 9 September 2019

Sung Mass by The Choir of the Cathedral of Porto and the Choir of The Queen’s College, Oxford on the feast of the Dedication of the Cathedral. King John I and Philippa of Lancaster were married in this Cathedral on 14 February 1387


Choral Masterclass by Owen Rees, Aveiro, 10 September 2019


Concert at the Cathedral of Aveiro, 10 september 2019

Concert by the Choir of The Queen’s College Oxford with a joint performance with the Choir Voz Nua from Aveiro. British and Portuguese music.


Concert at Lapa Church, Porto, 11 September 2019

Choir of the Cathedral of Porto and the Choir of The Queen’s College. Director Owen Rees. British and Portuguese music.


Concert at the Cathedral of Braga, 13 September 2019

Choir of The Queen’s College Oxford, Director Owen Rees. British and Portuguese music.

Concert at Mosteiro de Santa Cruz, Coimbra, 14 September 2019

Concert by the Choir of The Queen’s College, Oxford. Director Owen Rees.

British and Portuguese music. Works by Pedro de Cristo, Duarte (Missa beata virgine Maria), anonymous (preserved in a manuscript from Santa Cruz de Coimbra), William Byrd, Charles Wood, John Rutter, Herbert Howells William Harris


Sung Mass at the Cathedral of Braga, 15 September 2019

Sung Mass by the Choir of The Queen’s College, Oxford. Directed by Owen Rees.



Presentation of Portugal-UK 650 in Vizela, 21 April 2021

Speakers: Mayor of Vizela and Maria Joao Rodrigues de Araujo, President of Portugal-Uk 650


University of Cambridge, 30 November 2021

Masterclass and Wine Tasting


University of Oxford,  Restoration of the Independence of Portugal, 1 December 2021

Choral Vespers and Port Wine Reception. The Queen’s College, University of Oxford. Choir of the The Queen’s College, directed by Owen Rees. Celebrant: Rev Katherine Prince, Chaplain of The Queen’s College. Programme included Portuguese and English music of the time of the Restoration. You can watch the livestreaming of the Choral Vespers here. This event was supported by the Camoes Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal and the Embassy of Portugal in UK.

Online workshop “ Making an Alliance Last in an Age of Conflicts: Obligations and Deterrence in the Medieval Anglo-Portuguese Treaties.”, 7 December 2021, 17h00

Speaker: Jenny Benham FRHistS FHEA, Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, University of Cardiff, School of History, Archaeology & Religion. Discussant: Russell Sandberg, Professor of Law, University of Cardiff,  School of Law and Politics. In partnership with JusGov, School of Law of Minho. Scientific coordination: Alexandra M Rodrigues Araujo and Joao Sérgio Ribeiro.


Theatre Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, Theatro do Circo.

11, 12, 13, 14 January 2022 at 21h30. 12 and 13 January 2022, 15h00 school matinées.


New Year’s Gala, Espaço Vita, Braga, 22 January 2022, 21h00



Webinar : “The Mobility between Portugal and the United Kingdom after Brexit. What role for the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance?”, 27 January 2022, 15h00-16h30

Speakers Allan F Tatham, Professor of Law, University Sao Pablo CEU and Patricia Jeronimo, Professor of Law, University of Minho, In partnership with JusGov, School of Law, University of Minho. Scientific coordination: Alexandra M Rodrigues Araujo and Joao Sérgio Ribeiro. 


Call for Papers for Papers/Panels for the Interdisciplinary Conference “650th anniversary of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance: Taking Stock of the Past and Envisioning the Future”. Closed.

The Conference took  place on 6-9 July 2022, at the University of Minho and was organized by the University of Minho – JusGov and the School of Law – in partnerhsip with Portugal-UK 650.  


“Macbad”. An adaptation of  Shakespeare’s Macbeth for the younger ones. 4, 5 february 2022, 15h00.


Anglo Portuguese Alliance Reading Week – 7-11th of March

A eading Week dedicated to the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance with a programme full of activtities and performances took place in the second week of March. The Reading Week was organized in partnership with the City Council of Vizela and was intended for a school audience. 


Launch of Commorative Place – 

On the 16th of March, there was a reception at the British Ambassador’s residence in Lisbon, where a commemorative plate, created by Vista Alegre, was launched. This plate will be of a limited edition and was created especially within the Portugal-UK 65O Initiative celebrations.

23rd March 2022, 12h00

Presentations of Commemorations at City Council of Braga and launch of Dance in Perpetuity project in partnership with English National Ballet. With the presence of Ricardo Rio Mayor of Braga, Katherine Felton Head of Politics at the British Embassy in Lisbon, Maria Joao Rodrigues de Araujo president of Portugal-UK 650, Fleur Derbyshire-Fox Director of Engaement of ENB, Laura Harvery Headh of Creative Programmes at the ENB and Joana Miranda Coordinator of Braga Media Arts.


Planting of a yew to commemorate the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance by H.E. Chris Sainty, UK Ambassador to Portugal at AESAS. Leaflet explaining the event and the choice of yew tree here.


Tree planting to mark H.M. the Queen’s Jubilee as part of “The Green Canopy”, by H.E. Chris Sainty, UK Ambassador to Portugal, the AESAS community and Portugal-UK 650.


 “Portugal-UK 650” Opera, 21 April 2022, 21h30, Auditorio Vita



Webinar “Do Rossio à City: Diaspora Sefardita e relaçoes luso-britanica na primeira metade do seculo XVIII”, 22 April 2022, 15h00


“Portugal-UK 650” Mega Concert, 24 april  2022, 18h00, Altice Forum Braga


Short Poem Competition “Alliances” (three categories), 2 Abril to 2 May 2022

Drawing Competition “Anglo-Portuguese Alliance” until 2 May 2022

Conference, Music Creativity and Culture in England 1642-88, 21 May 2022, 9h00 to 17h00, Oxford

Schulmann Auditorium, The Queen’s College, University of Oxford. Convener Samuel Teague. In partnerhsip with the Faculty of Music of the University of Oxford, the Queen’a College Oxford and the Church Music Society


Concert “Music for Restored Times”, The Queen’s College Chapel,  University of Oxford, 18h00

Choir of The Queen’s College and Instruments of Time & Truth directed by Owen Rees.

Plant a tree with the Jubilee, Escola Santa Barbara de Gondomar, 25 May, 16h00


Presentation of the Vista Alegre Plate in Vizela with the Secretary of State for Tourism and the President of Turismo do Norte, 25 May 16h00 

Workshops Dance in Perpetuity, with English National Ballet Team took place from 6-8 June in Braga.

Launch of the CTT Postalcard of the Republic commemorative 650 years of Tagilde, 9 June, Vizela

Guided visits to the British Cemitery in Lisbon, 18, anf 25 June

Garden Reception, “Celebrating 650 years of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance”, Hotel Estoril Palace

Inaguration of the exhbition “Portugal-UK 650 Catherine of Bragança: Memories of an Alliance” 1- 15 July

Concert Schola Cantorum, St George’s and St Paul’s Lisbon, 3rd July


Commemorations 650th anniversary of the Treaty of Tagilde



The Commemorations of the 650 years of the Treaty of Tagilde will take place from 1-15 July 2022.

You can find all the details of the program here: Programme 650 years of Tagilde

All the events are entry free; the conference needs registration and the tickets for the Gala are available to the public from the 5th July, at Theatro do Circo

Invitation to Schools

Portugal-UK 650 is an initiative that, while celebrating the past, is turned towards the future and intends that learning about the values defended in the treaty of Alliance coupled with the example of 650 years of friendship and peace between the two nations, will encourage the younger generations, who are the future of our society, to promote a culture of peace and friendship in their communities, making a difference and contributing to a better world.  At the same time, participants have the opportunity to learn more about their history and heritage, and develop several competences and skills.

In addition to the activities we suggest in our website, we also challenge schools to create their own projects and activities to mark the 650th anniversary of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance and share with us your plans, projects and activities.

We highlight that there will be exhibitions in Portugal and the United Kingdom with a selection of the works created within Portugal-UK 650. In 2022, there will already be an exhibition in Portugal in July and another in London. We invite schools to contribute to the exhibition. 

We would be grateful if you could send  photos (and videos) of your activities and projects,  mentioning if we can share them on our website and social media to 


Visit to EB1 School in Marco Canaveses, with teachers, student and parents of J8.

Education Resources: British Council

In partnership with the British Council, didactic resources in English about the Anglo Portuguese Alliance have been created, which have been translated into Portuguese. 

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. It is present in six continents and in more than 100 countries. Find more about the British Council here

We would be grateful if you can share  with us photos (and videos if you have them) of your sessions, by e-mail to In the email, please  let us know if we can share them, on our website and social media.

Coordinator: Richard Fleming, Head of Education and Culture, British Council 

Pre-school Worksheets in English

Pre-school Powerpoint in English 

Pre-school Worksheets in Portuguese

Pre-School Powerpoint in Portuguese

Primary Worksheets in English

Primary Worksheets in Portuguese

Secondary Worksheets in English

Secondary Worksheets in Portuguese

Education Resources: Jubilee Centre

In partnership with the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue of the University of Birmingham, didactic resources about the values of the Alliance’s foundational treaty were developed, particularly about friendship in English and Portuguese. Download the teaching materials here and send us photos (and videos) of your sessions to

Please let us know in the email if we can share them through social media and in the website.

Team: Paul Watts; Michael Fullard, FHEA; Eugenio Lopes (translation)

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues is considered by many to be the world-leading research centre in the field of character and virtue education. You can find more about their work and teaching materials developed  by the center here

KS2 English Lesson, doc A

KS2 English Lesson, doc B

KS2 Lesson Portuguese, doc A

KS2 Lesson Portuguese, doc B

KS3 Lesson English, doc A

KS3 Lesson English, doc B

KS3 Lesson Portuguese, doc A

KS3 Lesson Portuguese. doc B

Global Outreach of Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue:

Leadership Development

We are planning, in partnership with the Oxford Character Project at Oxford University, a leadership development program for young people in the UK and Portugal that will continue beyond the commemorations. This program will incorporate the founding values of the treaty of Alliance at the core of what it means for an emerging generation to exercise responsible leadership. We will share more news on the program in due course.

The Oxford Character Project is an interdisciplinary initiative at the University of Oxford, dedicated to the cultivation of character and responsible leadership.

Led by Dr Edward Brooks, it joins cutting edge industry research with the design and delivery of character and leadership development programs.

There is a pressing need for leaders in all settings who take responsibility to advance the flourishing of organizations, society and the natural environment. At the heart of such leadership is character—intellectual, relational and moral qualities such as creativity, humility, empathy, compassion, courage and hope. These qualities can be developed over time. They enable leaders to think with clarity in the midst of complexity, embrace collaboration and diversity, and persevere through difficulty.

The aim of the Portugal-UK 650 Leadership Development Program is to look to the future, providing an emerging generation with the opportunity to collaborate in addressing important challenges, acquire skills that will help them to work effectively for good, and grow in the character that will enable them to lead well into the future.  

Coordination: Dr Edward Brookes, Director Oxford Character Project


Conferences and Seminars



Please find the detailed program here.

You can register here

“650th anniversary of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance: Taking Stock of Past and Envisioning the Future”, 6-9 Julho de 2022, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal.

The legal foundations of the Anglo-Portuguese alliance are found in two treaties dating from the fourteenth century: the Treaty of Tagilde (10 July 1372) and the Treaty of London (16 June 1373).

The Treaty of Tagilde, signed at the Church of São Salvador of Tagilde (Vizela municipality, Braga district), by D. Ferdinand I of Portugal and the representatives of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and son of Edward III of England, is considered the preamble of the alliance that remains in force to this day. During more than six centuries of existence, the Anglo-Portuguese alliance has survived the most challenging of historical contingencies, including two world wars, the rise and fall of empires, revolution and decolonisation, the multilateralization of international relations, European integration and the end of the Cold War.

Today, in a context shaped by Brexit, the Interdisciplinary Conference “The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance: Taking Stock of the Past and Envisioning the Future”, which will take place at the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) from 6 to 9 July 2022, marks the 650th anniversary of the Treaty of Tagilde with a creative space for dialogue and exchange of knowledge among researchers from different areas of knowledge. The conference aims to bring about a deeper understanding of the Anglo-Portuguese alliance, its past and present, and reflect on possible future reverberations.

The event is organised by the Research Centre for Justice and Governance and the School of Law of the University of Minho, in association with Portugal-UK 650.

Partner Institutions

University of Oxford; University of Coimbra, Centre for the History of Society and Culture; University of Évora/University of Minho, Research Centre in Political Science; Católica University – Lisbon, Institute for Political Studies; Iuris, University of Lisbon. 

Scientific Coordination

Alexandra M. Rodrigues Araújo (JusGov/University of Minho), João Sérgio Ribeiro (JusGov/University of Minho), Mário Ferreira Monte (JusGov/University of Minho)

Organizing Committee

Alexandra M. Rodrigues Araújo (JusGov/University of Minho), Marco Gonçalves (JusGov/ University of Minho)

Scientific Committee

Anabela Gonçalves (JusGov/University of Minho), Andreia Barbosa (University of Minho), Carlos Abreu Amorim (JusGov/University of Minho), Cristina Dias (JusGov/University of Minho), Hugo Flores (JusGov/University of Minho), Joana Aguiar e Silva (JusGov/University of Minho), João Carlos Espada (IEP, Católica University – Lisbon), Joaquim Freitas da Rocha (JusGov/University of Minho), José Pedro Paiva (CHSC, University of Coimbra), Liam Gearon (University of Oxford), Marco Gonçalves (JusGov/University of Minho), Margarida Seixas (University of Lisbon), Maria de Assunção Vale Pereira (JusGov/University of Minho), Maria João Rodrigues de Araújo (University of Oxford), Maria José Azevedo Santos (CHSC, University of Coimbra), Maria Miguel Carvalho (JusGov/University of Minho), Miriam Afonso Brigas (Universit of Lisbon), Owen Rees (University of Oxford), Pedro Madeira Froufe (JusGov/University of Minho), Silvério Rocha e Cunha (CICP/University of Évora), Teresa Pinto Coelho (Nova University Lisbon), Thomas F. Earle (University of Oxford). 



CONFERENCE, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, 21 May 2022, 9h00-17h00 followed by concert.


Institute of Political Studies, University Catolica Lisbon. Details to follow.



 7 December 2021, 17h00 

Títle: Making an Alliance Last in an Age of Conflicts: Obligations and Deterrence in the Medieval Anglo-Portuguese Treaties.

Speaker: Jenny Benham FRHistS FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, University of Cardiff, School of History, Archaeology & Religion.

Comentator: Russell Sandberg

 Professor of Law, University of Cardiff,  School of Law and Politics

Organization: Portugal-UK 650 and University of Minho, JusGov, School of Law

This webinar is part of a series curated by Alexandra M. Rodrigues Araújo and Joao Sérgio Ribeiro


Webinar 27 January 2022, 15h00

Title: “The Mobility between Portugal and United Kingdom: What role for the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance?”

Speakers: Allan F Tatham, Professor of Law, University of San Pablo CEU, Faculty of Law and Patricia Jeronimo, Professor of Law, University of Minho, Faculty of Law

Organization: Portugal-UK 650 and University of Minho, JusGov, School of Law.

Scientific Coordination: Alexandra M. Rodrigues Araújo e Sérgio Ribeiro.22 April 2022, 15h00-16h00


Webinar 21 April 2022, 15h00

“Do Rossio à City: Diáspora Sesfardita e Relações Luso-Britânicas na primeira metade do século XVIII”

Speaker: Carla Vieira, CHAM researcher, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Nova University of Lisbon and the Alberto Benveniste Chair of Sephardic Studies, Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon.

Comments by: Alexandra M. Rodrigues Araújo, JusGov, University of  Minho, School of Law. You can register to attend here!

This webinar is part of a cycle of seminars about the Anglo-Portuguese relations. The speakers are researchers of the project “The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance: Taking stock of the past and envisioning the future”, as well as other special guests.

Seminar 27 June 2022 19h45
“Celebrating 650 years of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance”
Speaker: Maria Joao Rodrigues Araujo, president of Portugal-UK 650 and University of Oxford
Host: HE Ross Matthews, Deputy British Ambassador and Manuel Braga da Cruz (former Rector of University Catolica)
Chair: HRH Duke of Braganza
Estoril Political Forum, UCP – IEP.



Participate and win prizes in competitions about the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance. More competitions will be announced here, subscribe to our newsletter or social media channels for updates about the competitions.



The Short Poem Competition is an activity organized by the Municipality of Vizela, in partnership with Portugal-UK 650. 

Collective or individual projects may be presented to the Short  Poems Competition. The competing poems must be presented in Portuguese and must not exceed 140 characters, under penalty of exclusion. The theme is “Alliances“.

The poems will be divided into three categories

Children – up to 12 years old;

Young Adults – from 12 to 18 years old;

Adult – over 18 years old.

Interested parties wishing to participate in the Short Poem Competition may post their poems on the Short Poetry Competition Facebook page at or send them via email to until the 2nd of May 2022, indicating the name and category in which they are competing.

The following prizes will be awarded: 

In the Children’s category books will be offered to the three best entries. 

In the Young Adults category the three best entries will receive the following prizes:

  1. shopping voucher worth € 60.00
  2. shopping voucher worth € 40.00
  3. shopping voucher worth € 20.00

In the Adult category the three best entries will receive the following prizes

  1. shopping voucher worth € 100.00
  2. shopping voucher worth € 50.00
  3. shopping voucher worth € 25.00

The selected poems will be published in a book on a date to be determined.

Participants must give permission for  the use of their texts. 

See the Rules of the Competition here and download the Parental Consent if required.


DRAWING COMPETITION (Applications until 2 May 2022)

Drawing Competition “Anglo-Portuguese Alliance: 650 years of the Treaty of Tagilde”, with a focus on the material and immaterial patrimony of the municipality of Vizela. The main objective is to promote the local heritage, with emphasis on the Tagilde Treaty, valuing the plastic expression and creative capacity of the students of the municipality’s schools.

The initiative is organized By the Municipality of Vizela in partnership with Portugal-UK 650 and directed to the students of the schools of Vizela, of the 1ºCEB (1st Cycle), 2º and 3º cycles and to the Secondary Education, in an individual way.The works must be delivered, personally or by mail, in the Municipal Library of Vizela, until May 2nd 2022.


SHORT FILM COMPETITION (applications until 31 May 2022)

The ‘Short Film Competition: Vizela secrets of a valley. Special Edition: The Alliance’ is an activity organised by the youth department of Vizela City Council in partnership with Portugal-UK 650, which aims to promote and exhibit audiovisual projects, in short film format. The final multimedia contents will have the concept of “Alliance” and the council of Vizela as their main theme.

The competition is open to anyone aged between 14 and 35,  regardless of their nationality or country of residence.

The deadline for applications is 31 may 2022.

The three best short films will be awarded with the following prizes:

     1st Prize: 500,00 euros

     2nd Prize: 300,00 euros

     3rd Prize: 150,00 Euro

Read the Competitiong Rules and download the Parental Consent if required.


ENB Celebration Dance



Celebration Dance is part of the project “Dance in Perpetuity”

A collaboration between English National Ballet and Portugal-UK 650 with the support from Braga City Council.

Dance in Perpetuity is one of several exciting cultural projects created to celebrate the 650 th anniversary of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance. It aims to encourage inter-cultural dialogue, develop participants’ skills, confidence, creativity and cooperation, and promote friendship and collaboration across cultures. Enjoy a dance work performed by young people in Braga, and take your place in the spotlight in a final moment of celebration as members of the audience are encouraged to join in the festivities – and in the steps!

Young people from six dance schools in Braga have been hard at work in rehearsal with an international creative team brought together by English National Ballet. This will culminate in a celebratory performance, in which members of the audience are encouraged to take part! The celebration theme is for everyone to learn something new, come together and have fun, and is inspired by the Treaty of Alliance theme of perpetual peace and friendship.

Please note: you are of course very welcome to attend simply to watch.

The six dance schools taking part in the project are:
Academia Braga Dança
Arte Total
Ent´artes – Escola de Dança
Escola de Ballet do Colégio Dom Diogo de Sousa
Backstage Escola de Dança e Artes Performativas
Bracara Team

The dancers from the six schools will come together to perform the complete work Dance in Perpetuity in the communal square. We hope you can come and see them dance, and would love for as many audience members as possible to take part in the finale. No previous dance experience needed!

Put on your dancing shoes for the performance finale: everyone is welcome!

English National Ballet hopes to inspire as many people as possible to take part in the Dance in Perpetuity finale. Come together and embrace the art of dance as a chance to learn something new and engage in a celebratory experience.

We have created free resources: films, a music track and a guide for you to learn a few steps and get involved in the finale, whatever your age, dance experience, and ability – register now by sending an email to:

Video 1: An Introduction

Video 2: Celebration Dance (Standing version)



There will be a scheduled rehearsal for everyone interested in learning the celebratory finale in the week commencing 4 July 2022, leading up to the performance on 9 July 2022. Sign up to receive details by emailing:



Creative Team:
Choreographer: Ruth Brill
Composer: Charlotte Harding
Costume Designer: András Jacobs
Filmmaker: Pete Snell, Shiny Studio
Project leads from six dance schools, Braga
Isabel Maia
Carolina Vieira
Diana Sá Carneiro
Joana Raquel Antunes
Rosália Passinhas
Cristiane Barbosa

English National Ballet:
Project Lead and Director of Engagement: Fleur Derbyshire-Fox
Artistic Advisor and Head of Creative Programmes: Laura Harvey

Founded in 1950, English National Ballet (ENB) is a pioneering ballet company that takes world class ballet to the widest possible audience. We are committed to developing the artform whilst celebrating the classics and tour nationally and internationally to prestigious venues worldwide. Our significant and influential contribution to Britain’s cultural sector is demonstrated by strong and diverse audiences, the outstanding talent we attract and retain and regular recognition by key
industry awards – recently winning the 2020 National Dance Award for ‘Best Company Response to the Pandemic’. ENB is recognised as a UK leader for creative learning and community outreach, promoting wider and deeper engagement with the Company and the art form through its three overarching strands: Creative Learning, Developing Talent and Public Engagement. ENB’s Engagement work promotes diversity and inclusivity across all projects and programmes; connects communities from a wide demographic – breaking down barriers to involvement and delivering positive health impacts
physically, socially, and mentally. Placing ENB’s repertory at the heart of Engagement, ENB delivers world-class programmes, develops talent, is at the forefront of ground-breaking research collaborations and forges inspirational partnerships nationally and internationally.

To find out more, visit English National Ballet’s website at




There will be several exhibitions a spart of the Celebrations including:

“Portugal-UK 650 exhibition”: 1-15 July 2022 at Biblioteca Lucio Craveiro da Silva, Braga. This displays includes works done by schools and hospitals inlcuding within the project “Sailors of Hope” in partnership with the Armed Forces of Portugal, Navy, National Heath Service of Portugal and Ministry of the Sea.

Ceramic exhibition by Jose Carvalho. 8-15 July 2022 at Casa da Cultura, Vizela

Invitation to Artists


Portugal-UK 650 is an initiative for everyone. We invite all artists to take part in the celebrations of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, sharing with everybody your creative skills and talent. Be part of the celebrations, for example, by creating new works, shows and performances, by performing English and Portuguese repertoire, etc. 

We highlight that there will be exhibitions in Portugal and the United Kingdom with a selection of the works created within Portugal-UK 650. We invite artists to exhibit their creations. The first exhibition will take place in July 2022. 

We would be grateful if you could send us information, as well as photos and videos of you activity/work.

Commerce and Culture

From the beginning of the Alliance, merchants played a key role.  The 1358 treaty, before the formal start of the Alliance, is enlightening in this respect. In fact, it was the Portuguese merchants and sailors who took the initiative to send two representatives to the English court to ask King Edward for a commercial treaty. Request that the King acceded. In this way, this treaty – celebrated for a period of 50 years – was signed by King Edward and Afonso Martins Alho, representing the merchants of Porto and Lisbon. It was in this treaty where merchants negotiated for the first time the free movement of people and goods between the natives of Portugal and England, Gascony, Ireland, and Wales.

Over the century’s merchants have been the main drivers and defenders of a diverse set of commercial and personal liberties such as freedom of residence, transit and religion conferred in the various Anglo Portuguese treaties to subjects of one Part in the territories of the other. In this sense, the Westminster Treaty (10th July 1654) was considered their «Magna Carta». 

Portugal-UK 650 will promote some activities to foster trade between both countries and to learn and get to know the best that both countries have to offer.